Tiffany Floor Lamp

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In sticking with the theme of this site, this article will talk about the Tiffany floor lamp. Though we’ve talked a lot about the arc floor lamp and other styles of arch floor lamps, the Tiffany floor lamp is not an arced floor lamp at all, but rather more of a torchiere floor lamp. When wondering what a torchiere floor lamp is, imagine a torch or flashlight standing straight up on its end. That is basically what a torchiere floor lamp is. Similar to Tiffany Bankers Lights, this Tiffany style of production has become highly popular, and affordable.

A Tiffany floor lamp is similar to a torchiere floor lamp in as much as the base is straight up. But unlike a torchiere floor lamp, the Tiffany floor lamp usually has a shade most often in the shape of a bell and so it disperses the light all around. A torchiere floor lamp disperses the light like a torch or flashlight would, and that is upwards towards the ceiling.

But first a little history about the Tiffany floor lamp. Tiffany floor lamps were originally designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany who was an artist and designer from America at the end of the 1800s and early 1900s. He is best known for his use of stained glass. And you will find that many Tiffany floor lamps make use of stained glass in their shades.

Tiffany style floor lamps are quite popular in many homes because they add an elegance and beauty from their design and also from their stained glass lamp shades. This is why they are often referred to as a stained glass floor lamp for this very reason. An original Tiffany floor lamp would fetch quite a few dollars, but there are many Tiffany style lamps that are available in many stores and a decent, tall Tiffany style floor lamp can be had for around a hundred dollars.

Of course, the more elaborate the design, the more expensive will be the Tiffany floor lamp.

For example, the Quoizel Woodland 2 Light Floor Lamp is a bestselling Tiffany lamp that has a very elaborate and intricate stand that looks like a wooden vine. It has a wonderful sandblasted glass shade that gives it a very unique and antique looking finish.

Another Tiffany floor lamp that is very popular has a bell shaped flower style stained glass shade. This flower Tiffany style floor lamp is a full height floor lamp on a straight brass stand. The flower bell shaped shade is wonderfully colorful in greens, reds and browns.

The last Tiffany floor lamp I’d like to talk about is the Tiffany torchiere lamp. As mentioned before, this lamps have shades that point the light upwards towards the ceiling.

A classic example of this is the handmade Tiffany Style Torchiere Peacock Floor Lamp which has a colorful peacock feather looking shade like an upside down bell or a blossoming flower.

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A Tiffany floor lamp in any of the styles shown here give you lots of opportunities to brighten up any living space in your home. If you’d like to take a look at a variety of Tiffany floor lamps, please click here.

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