The Best Swing Arm Floor Lamps To Fit Your Nooks

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This post is going to discuss the swing arm floor lamp which is another popular choice amongst many home owners looking for a floor lamp that has a variety of uses. Floor lamps generally are quite popular. There isn’t a house that I’ve been in which doesn’t have at least one floor lamp in the main living room. And oftentimes you will find that there are floor lamps elsewhere in the home too such as bedrooms and occasionally in dining rooms too. The swing arm floor lamp is a popular choice and I’ll explain why further down in this post. But the ability to move the light around is obviously a bonus.

LEPOWER Floor Lamp, Metal Standing Lamp with Adjustable Gooseneck.

With over 7000 positive reviews, the LEPOWER lamp is Amazons Choice in “adjustable floor lamps”. It is simple, elegant, and at the price tag, does the job economically.

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A swing arm floor lamp is obviously a general term for a whole variety of lamps that fall under this category. Swing arm floor lamps are popular choices because they allow you to move the light or lamp shade with a circumference that is wider than the foot print of the lamp itself.

This is obviously very handy if you are reading at the lamp is not providing you as much light as you would like, you can just swivel the swing arm floor lamp over your chair for better light doing the crossword puzzle or reading.

ROTTOGOON Floor Lamp for Living Room with 3 Color Temperatures

This is literally Amazons’ Choice in the Floor Lamps Category and with nearly 6000 Positive reviews, its worth considering.

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One of the most popular of these types of lamps is the brass swing arm floor lamp. In fact, brass is a popular look for most floor lamps be they the arc floor lamp or the swing arm floor lamp. Brass offers a very nice warm and elegant look to just about any home decor. And brass can be highly polished or given an antique look for even more options depending on the look you are trying to gain. A decent brass antique finish swing arm floor lamp can be had for under a hundred bucks. These are very inviting and warm lamps that would be applicable in most homes. Most of them have nice bell shades but you can find them with the pharmacy lampshade or drum lampshades as well.

Brightech Leaf LED Floor lamp

This stunning brass floor lamp has over 3000 positive reviews on Amazon, and at the price, is value for money.

It looks modern, but fits in with most home decor types.

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Another option that works well if you are looking for a swing arm floor lamp, but perhaps you are worried about your kids or pets bumping the lamp and causing it to fall is the swing arm wall lamp. The swing arm wall lamp is usually a bit cheaper than the swing arm floor lamp as you aren’t having to pay for that extra base.

They work exactly the same except instead of having the swing arm on the top of a base, the swing arm is attached to a plate that you screw and attach to the wall. The swing arm wall lamp obviously won’t swing around in a full circle, but you can get a good 180 degree angle of rotation which is probably more than sufficient for most uses.

Hopefully you can see the benefits of having a swing arm floor lamp as your floor lamp choice. Available in brushed steel, antique or polished brass as well as black, white and other colors, these lamps are a terrific option for brightening up a room.

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