The Best Arc Floor Lamps

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An arc floor lamp makes a wonderful addition to any home.

An arc floor lamp can really add light to a living room or bedroom. An arc floor lamp is so named because it is a lamp that arcs out from its base. Sometimes, arc floor lamps start off on a vertical base that tapers into an arc as the height of the base increases.

A Stunning GEORGE KOVACS Arc Floor Lamp.

Does a full 360 swivel and is one of the most elegant modern arc floor lamps on the market.

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An excellent example of that can be found in the image above . This is the George Kovacs polished chrome arc floor lamp. One of the best selling arc lamps available. And you can surely see why. The design is simple but very elegant. It is an arc floor lamp that would probably fit well in any home. One of the most popular areas that folks use an arc lamp in the home is of course in the living room.

A lovely contemporary arc floor lamp will fit very snugly in the corner between a couch and a La-Z-Boy recliner. These lamps are usually of a great height so that they give you a good light if you want to read or if you just want to brighten a dark room. For example, the George Kovacs lamp that we spoke about earlier can reach a height of almost 78 inches. That’s almost 6 and a half feet. Tall enough surely for the biggest room.

Its footprint has a maximum width of 42 inches. Now bear in mind that this is a width or really circumference than the light would draw if you swung it around in a full circle. Truth be told, the lamp actually requires less than 18 inches on each side of its square base. There are many choices to arc floor lamps to choose from as mentioned earlier that will meet even the most discerning tastes.

For example, you don’t have to go with just a single bulb arc floor lamp you can get them with several bulbs attached. This might be important if you need more light or you have a bigger room, in which to throw light into. Another popular choice that many people are choosing when it comes to these types of lights is choosing a 5 arc floor lamp like the type that you can see in the picture. These are handy if you want to offer more light to more people at one time. You might also hear arc floor lamps called arch floor lamps as they do also represent and arch. Though more commonly they go by the name of arc floor lamp. But regardless of what you call them they can offer a lot of light.

Don’t be fooled by their small size of bulb. Most of these newer lamps are now using high grade LED bulbs to add more brightness from a compact size.

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