Carson LED Illuminated Magnifier & Desk Lamp

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The Carson LED Illuminated Magnifier & Desk Lamp is what every craftsman needs at his work table. This desk has very bright light from 2 LEDs. The magnifier also has 2 times magnification with a 5 times power spot lens built in for that deeper and closer look. With this item, craftsmen can easily have a look at their preferred angle by moving the neck which is flexible. This item operates on 3 AA batteries that are not included or on power.

Carson LED Illuminated Magnifier & Desk Lamp Review:

Carson DeskBrite200 LED Lighted 2x Magnifier. Perfect for hobbies and assisted reading.

With over 2000 positive reviews, and a low price tag, this magnifier LED lamp is certainly worth considering.

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With 73% of the customers giving this LED lamp the best score of 5, this earned an average customer rating of 4.3 out of 5. There were over 24000 customers that provided their feedback.

A customer highly recommended this item. Initially she was worried because the magnifier was made out of acrylic. However, it was able to provide her that closer look that she needed as a jeweler. It also gave her a clear view. This reviewer also pointed out that the light was bright and that it was good at staying in position. One of the features she also liked was that it could be powered by batteries or through standard power. This feature made it easy for her to carry it with her. The reviewer was happy about her purchase that she bought one for her mother who used it to change the batteries of her hearing aid. Customers felt that this product had good quality and sturdy and came at a reasonable price. One customer suggested giving this to friends.

Even with its high rating, some reviewers felt that this LED lamp wasn’t good. A customer had a problem in getting it to work with batteries. It worked well when plugged in; however, this reviewer noticed that the power did not reach the lights even when trying to get it to work with batteries. The reviewer tested the batteries and found that it was good and therefore concluded that the unit itself may have a problem. Another questioned its quality. This reviewer experienced the item shutting off when tilted a certain way. The reviewer thinks that the connection in the neck area is very bad which has caused the problem. One other reviewer complained that the LEDs weren’t that bright and one of them gave up after 3 weeks of use.

This item is reasonably priced and we believe that it will be able to live up to what its worth. Majority of the customers were happy with its magnifier and lights. We believe that this is a great purchase for those who need to work with a magnifying glass such as jewelers. It is also an investment for those who need it due to aging or poor eye sight. This however is still a good buy for users who like to examine things for fun just like puzzles and rocks. We highly recommend this item to anyone.

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