Buying The RIGHT Brass Arc Floor Lamp

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Many people choose a brass floor lamp as the main style of lamp that they have in their home living room. Usually, this style is chosen because brass floor lamps are traditionally a natural choice. Brass as a metal has a long and esteemed history with human use for a variety of purposes. Plus, a brass arc floor lamp can look wonderful. It can have a tarnished look or a highly polished look too. Whatever style you choose, the brass offers a variety of options for many styles of home decor.

One of the great benefits of a brass floor lamp is because they are so popular they often are quite reasonably priced for most of us. A really nice brass floor lamp can be had for around a hundred dollars or less. Though of course, depending on your budget and your needs you can spend upwards of a thousand dollars or more for a nice brand name brass floor lamp. For example, a Holtkoetter halogen torchiere lamps will often cost you a thousand dollars or more.

A torchiere lamp by the way in case you are wondering what it is, is a style of floor lamp that looks and acts similarly to a torch or flashlight. Basically a torchiere brass floor lamp has a long vertical stem or base from which a lamp or light is attached at the end. This light is aimed or emitted upwards. So when you think of torchiere think of torch and you have a great idea of what such a floor lamp looks like. (see Tiffany Torchiere Lamps here).

A brass floor lamp comes in very many styles. We’ve touched on the torchiere style of lamp and we’re speaking of brass floor lamps in this article, and one of the many popular choices with such a lamp is the antique brass floor lamp. A great reason that antique brass floor lamps are chosen is because of their ability to match elegantly almost any home decor and other furnishings. Things become antique because they are useful over many decades or longer. This is the case with brass floor lamps that have that antique finish to them. They fit well in any environment and often look like they might be decades older than they actually are.

Generally these antique lamps look like they have slightly tarnished brass stems, that warm rusty-yellow gold tone. They’ll also have shades that are of an older design.

A last popular option that I’d like to briefly talk about is the antique brass adjustable full spectrum floor lamp which offers not only an adjustable height for a variety of situations but they are also usually fitted with a full spectrum light bulb that is extremely beneficial for those of us who suffer a little bit of the blues during the short days of winter. There are many popular choices for this style of lamp including the best selling Verilux Heritage Natural Spectrum Deluxe Floor Lamp with antiqued brushed brass finish. Click here to take a look at it.

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