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Bankers lamps, also known as desk lamps, have been a staple of the home and office for over a century. These lamps are characterized by their green glass shades, which are said to have been inspired by the lamps used in London’s old-fashioned banking halls. The green color of the shade is believed to have been chosen because it is easy on the eyes, making it easier to read and work under for long periods of time. Modern reproductions do exist, these have a blue or green glass shade that have a pull chain and some brass fixtures. However, it is ideal to note that there are several varieties to choose from as well as adaptations designed to suit different styles.

One of the key features of bankers lamps is their adjustable arm, which allows the user to position the light exactly where they need it. The arm is typically made of metal, and is usually adjustable at the base and the lamp head. This feature allows the user to direct the light onto the task at hand, whether it be reading a book or working on a computer.

These days bankers lamps come in a range of colors, although the classic green shade is still the most authentic.

Whenever people think of bankers’ lamp, the image that comes to mind is one of a busy man with eyeglasses systematically poring over their desk. Despite this fact, these lamps have come a long way from the time they were first introduced in the market in the early 19th century. Now, they are a popular item among antique collectors who are interested in vintage items. They are also a favorite among house decorators certain of adding a touch of charm in their setting.

Use of the bankers’ lamp is no longer restricted to work desks and workplaces. Now, these are used in hotel lobbies, houses and atop pianos. They have the ability of bringing with them a feeling of high performance, nostalgia and custom look.

Why is it called bankers lamp?

The Bankers lamp, which was invented in the United States, was originally designed for use in banking halls, which is where it gets its name. The first patent for a bankers lamp was filed on May 11, 1909 by Harrison D. McFaddin.

What are those green lamps?

They are basically bankers lamps.

Why are bankers lamps popular?

Banker lamps gained their popularity in the days of heavy working habits in the 20th century.

Benefits of Bankers Lamps

The shade of a bankers lamp is also important, as it helps to diffuse the light and reduce glare. The traditional green glass shades are known for their soft light, and are said to reduce eye strain and fatigue. However, many modern bankers lamps also come with white or frosted glass shades, which can be just as effective at reducing glare.

They are versatile, functional, and come in a variety of styles to suit any decor. The adjustable arm and green glass shade are essential features for directing light and reducing eye strain, and the choice of incandescent or LED bulbs will depend on personal preference and energy efficiency.

Key Types Of Bankers Lamps

In terms of design, bankers lamps come in a variety of styles, from traditional and classic to modern and contemporary.

  • The traditional style is characterized by its green glass shade, brass finish, and classical design elements. This style is often used in home offices, libraries, and traditional living spaces.
  • The modern style, on the other hand, is characterized by its sleek and minimalistic design, often with a brushed nickel or chrome finish. These lamps are perfect for contemporary home offices and workspaces.
  • There is a third style, which is the Tiffany Style Bankers Lamps, which is a cross between the stunning Tiffany type designs used on the shape of the bankers lamp.

Thanks to the increasing popularity of bankers’ lamp, there is an increase in the number of styles to choose from. Apart from acting as a lighting source, these lamps can also increase the appeal and beauty of your home. Some of the popular styles for you to choose from include the following.

Traditional Styles

This is one of the popular styles available in the market and mostly, they feature typical pull chain and glass shade. However, the base of these lamps is made from fine materials like marble and solid brass. In other cases, these might have a medal, plaque or specialty logo which is often found at the base. The materials used to design these are of the highest quality possible and as such, the prices tend to be high as well.

Whimsical and Fun Styles

These are found at the other end of the bankers’ lamp spectrum. They are specially designed for people who prefer lighthearted designs. Majority of these designs are known to retain the glass shade though there are others that replace this with a cord switch or a base. In addition to this, they come in varying colors such as red, bright blue, yellow and white table lamps.

Tiffany Styles

This is another popular style and the price varies in accordance to the version. These come with a traditional metal solid base and a pull switch. In addition to this, they are also decorative and have connectors. To cap it all, they have natural and floral themes which further increase the appeal of the lamps. These come in handy when used as wood table lamps and this is because of the longevity associated with them.

The designs of bankers’ lamp are varied and they can include butterflies and other decorative shades that reflect the natural feel of the lamps.

Bankers Lamp Light Bulbs

Another important consideration when purchasing a bankers lamp is the type of light bulb it uses. Many traditional bankers lamps use incandescent bulbs, which are known for their warm and soft light. However, many modern lamps now use LED bulbs, which are energy-efficient and long-lasting. LED bulbs also tend to be cooler, so if you are looking for a warmer light, an incandescent bulb may be the better choice.

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